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As a Volunteer

The smiles that you get to see on people's faces when you just talk to them and let them share their experiences and feelings with you are priceless. Again, the brightness that lights the faces of children when you give them their weapon- pens, papers, crayons and books is also one of the most wonderful feelings. We, at Sapne, invite you to join hands with us and fulfill the needs of every destitute we encounter on our way to a beautiful world.

As a Member

Human rights or human needs?
We all know that food, clothing, shelter are prerequisites of the life of a human being. However, the differences between a right and a need is that right is recognition of the entitlements while need describes the conditions to lead a somewhat normal life. We, at Sapne, invite you to join hands with us in order to let people lead a good life where misery, hunger and illiteracy has no place.

As an Intern

Memers say that you need experience to get an internship or job and an internship or job to gain experience. Well, Sapne defies them. At Sapne, you can join us as an intern in our Human Resources department, Content Writing department, Graphic Designing department, Website Development department, Social Media department and Public relations department and we do not consider experience as a prerequisite of our to-be interns. We have numerous well-experienced people in your teams who will teach you, guide you and shape you into better professionals with every passing day.

As a Patron

There a number of ways to contribute to the society and being a patron might be one of the easiest, quickest, most convenient and most efficient way to bring a change. No matter how much you can donate, it brings us one step closer to make someone's dream come true, someone's life a bit easier and in the end it takes such small steps by a number of people to bring about a huge change. The amount of money which might be insignificant to a lot of people together builds up to provide for the less fortunate on a much bigger scale. Donating money online earns you tax exemption so it's a win-win situation right? At the end of the day, it all comes down to your intention. There are a number of possibilities and each and every contribution matters.

As a Partner

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. By being in partnership with Sapne, you can achieve what seems to be impossible to do alone. Here, dreams become real. Being in partnership with sapne give you equal credit for all the activities and events being held along with the satisfaction that you have done your level best to bring about a great change. A peaceful heart is reward alone for being a good person. But here, you can have so much while doing so much for the society. We, at Sapne, invite you to join us in partnership and bring us one step closer to make this world a better place.