Join us
We, at Sapne, invite you to join hands with us in order to let people lead a good life where misery, hunger and illiteracy has no place. We provide you with 5 opportunities to serve and earn wishes and satisfaction within yourself.

1) As a intern - At Sapne, you can join us as an intern in our Human Resources department, Content Writing department, Graphic Designing department, Website Development department, Social Media department and Public relations department and we do not consider experience as a prerequisite of our to-be interns.

2) As a volunteer - The brightness that lights the faces of children when you give them their weapon- pens, papers, crayons and books is also one of the most wonderful feelings

3) As a patron - No matter how much you can donate, it brings us one step closer to make someone's dream come true, someone's life a bit easier and in the end it takes such small steps by a number of people to bring about a huge change.

4) As a partner - Being in partnership with sapne give you equal credit for all the activities and events being held along with the satisfaction that you have done your level best to bring about a great change.

5) As a member - He differences between a right and a need is that right is recognition of the entitlements while need describes the conditions to lead a somewhat normal life. We at sapne invite you join us and be the member of a esteemed team and work towards putting the steps to nurture the society and make a better version of the society and work for the betterment of deprived ones .